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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 17, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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helpful. >> reporter: darren malvin the seal of his family run company, american solar. father, husband. a man active in the community. he was renting this home with his wife and seven -year-old daughter. >> supposed to be temporary because are building their house up the block. >> set to move into their dream home in a few months, dream the ended last night. according to chp, darren called 911 to report these downed power lines. he came outside to wait for crews to arrive. another neighbor drove up and thtree cracks so the driver hit the gas panicked and hit darren. police have not released the identity of the driver who say she was cooperative and by all accounts it was a tragic accident. >> trying to figure out what to do about the situation and the tree broke.
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>> reporter: police tell me they can't rule out the possibility of charges against the driver until the report is finalized. that could take weeks. generally speaking, when it comes to vehicular manslaughter, there needs to be some sort of negligence or intent. by all accounts that does not seem to be the case in this situation. also in mill valley, a tree crushed the backside of the scar, narrowly missing the people inside. thankfully, no one was hurt. this happened across from marin horizon school. and in oakland hills, a mudslide shutting down offramp to highway 13. part of the soggy hillside gave way near park boulevard. about an hour ago crews reopened the ramp. an on-ramp in oakland flooded earlier today. chopper five over the area at seventh street. it was closed due to 3 feet of water. caltrans worked to clear the on- ramp and it was reopened about
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four hours later. still saw showers left over from all this. winds have pretty much died down but we still have rain? >> showers especially in the north. even after the front moved through the storm so strong, it kept the machine running here, well into the early afternoon. let's look at radar right now. one spot still getting rainfall is the northbay. santa rosa, have your shower just passed by you. the focus has now shifted to the mountains, always a lag time when the rain stops around here, it continues to snow most often amounts. look at these rainfall totals just from this week. los gatos hills about 4 miles from downtown nearly 8 inches. lake sonoma nearly 5 inches of rain. san francisco two and a half inches of rain, castro valley 2
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inches in san jose more than an inch. heavy snow continues in the mountains until tomorrow. snow levels at 4500 feet. new snow 12-20 inches and all winter long for the first time the snowpack in california is above average. not factoring in yesterday or today. 103% statewide. north 0 107% and when the storm is gone, that fetch from the ocean is not dangerous or. breakers running, widespread 25- 35, isolated winds hit 40 or 45 feet. a little stormy out there in spots, mountains and the beach, even after the rain is coming down. one more chance for rain to talk about in the forecast. >> snow in the mountains great news. rescue crews did everything they could to save a man who fell into san francisco bay. happened about 1:00 at tier three. the man was pulled out of the water and crews
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performed cpr. they rushed him to a trauma center but no word on his condition or how he wound up in the water. the latest storm brought forth wild waves. huge surf along the coast. the national weather service warns, stay away from the shore. just heard us mentioned they could reach 45 feet in some areas. live at ocean beach, a look at conditions there now. >> reporter: it has been a day of some spectacular waves that ocean beach. along the beaches in marin as well. the coast guard says be extremely careful. 25-35-foot waves coming ashore, crashing along ocean beach. the national weather service is a high surf warning is in effect until friday evening. the coast guard says conditions can be dangerous but are ready if needed. >> the winds pushing 20 feet off shore.
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being out in a small boat probably isn't the best idea. >> probably not. some experienced servers are here, just off lands and catching swells around the point. the swells here are easily 15 feet. you are surfing today? earlier? >> surfing in the storm is the best. i love it. >> trying to get pitted on. >> pitted is catching the curb by the way. ocean beach has several folks watching waves crash against the rocks and offshore you can see the monsters coming in. >> typical california. the waves were huge. great to watch, memorizing. >> just outside the golden gate in full fury. the little back. on the lower right-hand side of your screen is a 20-foot tall buoy, seen here. gives you the scale of what is happening out there right now. as always, professionals say never turn your back on the
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ocean when it has high surf like this. 12 hours of rain and high tide made for a flood. manzanita park and ride at high tide this morning. at least one car did try to go through and got stuck. san francisco with flooding too. between howard and mission streets. that has since been reopened thank you dangerous conditions for drivers in south bay like this mudslide on highway 35 in los gatos. a chunk of the hillside gave way and a tree toppled over, leaving just enough room for a car to go through. that is exactly what this driver did. >> the only way out either this or not get to work at all. >> exactly. i am already late. >> firefighters eventually shut the road down. the driver this maserati got stuck in floodwaters on highway 17 in campbell.
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a good reminder to go around or turn around when you see standing water. the engine died as a try to go through the water. a big rig jackknifed, spilling about 90 gallons of diesel fuel a northbound highway 242. the accident happened just before 8:00 8:00 near the grant street on-ramp. muddy mess in danville, saturated ground gave way early this morning. about a quarter-mile stretch was closed for several hours while crews cleaned up. a winter storm warning in effect for the sierra, where it is still snowing. another foot to foot and a half could fall before tomorrow. some ski resorts saw an additional 4 feet pile up overnight. that should go a long way to helping the snowpack which was tracking below normal before the storm hit. it could not have hit a better time, days before the long martin luther king weekend. a federal judge is blaming pg&e's and insulated power
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conductors for the deadly california wildfires of the past two years. that includes last year's deadly camp fire in butte county. u.s. district judge william also broke when conductors are pushed together by falling trees or limbs, electrical sparks can drop into the vegetation below. he made the tentative conclusion as part of his plan to force pg&e to undergo a massive equipment inspection and tree pruning program ahead of the next fire season. pg&e issued a statement quote we are committed to complying with all rules and regulations that apply to our work, while working together with state and community partners and across all sectors and disciplines to develop comprehensive, long- term safety solutions for the future. this latest ruling and pg&e's plans to file for bankruptcy have stock prices falling. today the stock dropped nearly 10%. a live look at the capitol
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are now. day 27 of the partial government shutdown. no formal talks but some communication between the white house and the speaker. >> the story starts with house speaker nancy pelosi suggesting the president postpone his state of the union address because of the shut down. today, president trump fired back, grounding pelosi, denying her a military aircraft to take an overseas trip. the white house letter read, do the shut down i'm sorry to inform you that your trip to brussels, egypt and afghanistan has been postponed. in light of 100,000 american workers not receiving pay i am sure you would agree that postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate. the president abruptly pulling pelosi's military plane suggesting she fly commercial. the trip, which included other members of congress, scheduled to depart today but the buses
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scheduled to take members of congress to the airport sat empty outside the capital. >> democrat lawmakers will step forward to do what is right for our country and what is right for our country is border security at the strongest level . >> reporter: one called the president's actions, petty. she is holding firm on delaying the state of the union and the wall. >> the date of the state of the union is not a sacred date, not constitutionally required it is not the president's birthday, it isn't anything. it is a day we agreed to. could have been a week later and could be a week later if the government is open. >> reporter: pelosi insists democrats want improved border security but through personnel and technology, not a wall. some a 800,000 furloughed workers remain stuck in the middle of this political drama
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until one side or the other blinks. governor newsom making a personal visit to the sacramento airport today to deliver some good news. furloughed federal workers in california, which would include tsa agents, will be paid unemployment benefits. >> these unemployment benefits last 26 weeks, up to $450 were we cap out to help with some of the anxiety and stress. doesn't do everything. the message i have to the federal government, the us as states do the job you can do for yourself. >> newsom says he and other states have been told by the labor department that paying benefits to furloughed workers is illegal. he says the state will do it anyway. the workers will be expected to reimburse the state once they receive back pay. one of the last affordable places to live in the south bay but neighbor say their landlord wants them out. the minor infractions that could get them evicted without warning. the jolt for people in the
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east bay for the second straight morning. coming up, in the chaos of the storm, a chp officer steps into deliver a baby. we hear from mom and dad about the dramatic delivery in a hospital parking lot. this is not a bed.
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in nearly the same spot. this morning's quake was a . a second small earthquake in as many base hit the east bay today at nearly the same spot. this morning's quick magnitude 3.5, hitting after 6:00 a.m. near piedmont. walking distance to yesterday's 3.4 quake. will happened on the hayward fault, both were 7 miles deep. >> actually quite normal. we have sequences of earthquakes on the hayward fault fairly regularly every few years. >> felt a little jostle, my dog barked a couple times. second day in a row he felt it before me and woke me up when he barked a stes on the 25th anniversary of the devastating quake in southern california. coming up, how people are commemorating the northridge earthquake. >> i remember covering that.
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one of the last affordable places to live in the south bay. now, people claim their landlord wants them out. all plano at the winchester ranch mobile home park in san jose. we spoke to a woman fighting an eviction notice. the land beneath san jose mobile home parks has become so valuable, it creates an incentive for park owners to convert mobile homes into other, more profitable uses such as office buildings or high density apartments. the question here is, is that also leading to more unfair evictions? last summer karen carpenter got an eviction notice from the winchester ranch mobile home park where she has lived for six years. >> minor cluttered areas, old paint cans and leaves. >> reporter: she showed me pictures of the infractions added minutes she was sick last summer and couldn't get outside work during her first seven day notice, but the infractions
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were not out front where everyone could see them. they were out in the back behind a small shed, hardly visible to anyone. >> i can't believe i am going to be possibly evicted over weeds and old paint cans. >> reporter: park managers were not available for comment but winchester ranch is in the process of redeveloping into a large apartment compex with nearly 700 units. her eviction for a minor reflection is not just a coincidence. >> they are redeveloping the park and the first phase is where i am sitting. >> reporter: she has hired an attorney and is fighting the eviction but the issue getting attention at city hall. last month the housing commission wrote a memo to the mayor and city council warning of possible preemptive evictions for minor infractions at mobile home parks in san jose. memo says there could be attempts to skirt the city's mobile home conversion ordinance which guarantees mobile home residents get time, monetary compensation and other benefits if a park converts to another use. >> we will monitor any housing issue brought to our attention.
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>> reporter: housing officials say they don't have active cases of abuse at this time. in the meantime carpenter will have her day in court. >> if i get evicted and i lose in court i will have, i believe five days to get out of my home home. >> reporter: she does not have firm plans on where to go if that happens and is afraid of becoming homeless. more fallout from the storm . this tree uprooted in walnut creek. not blocking the street, but the driveway of that home is completely blocked. in san francisco rain and wind helped send this big tree over into the street. the video shows the dangerous situation as part of the sidewalk came up too. it was windy, it was wet. it begs the question, are there any more storms on the way? i will answer that question on a gloomy thursday evening, coming up. a major pain for drivers.
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. you saw the rain that fell in the bay area yesterday. we want to update you on what is going on in the sierra nevada with respect to an extreme avalanche danger that exists right now. checked in with the sierra avalanche center, these are photographs taken just in the last 24 hours. active areas, that is johnson canyon near the donner summit. let's look at another one, tamarac peak in the mount rose area, you can see some of the dust coming up from an avalanche in the area, taught by photographers. independence lake avalanche
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this was caused by a snowmobile . they say these are extremely likely and often human caused. warning extends through tomorrow. do not go into the backcountry areas alone, and do not mess around in areas that have very deep snow either snowboarding or snowshoeing at least for another 24 hours. these are extreme avalanche hazards that exist throughout the sierra nevada and in their words, not all elevations. by the way the sierra avalanche center is run by the u.s. forest service, they are furloughed employees but are at work because the danger is so extreme. headache for drivers. caltrans al southbound la . storm damage open new potholes on sac city creating a huge headache for drivers. caltrans closed several southbound lanes this morning as crews patch the.
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pg&e crews working on downed power lines. we caught this line crew following the night of gusty winds and heavy rains. most customers without power are in the north bay, about 4000 and the south bay still in the dark. >> waiting for dry out. >> we could use it. we have earned it some spot 6-8 inches of rainfall. in the north bay the one spot we have a few showers falling right now. wind gust strongest and least five years in higher elevations. santa rosa can't shake the rainfall stretching east to napa county up toward the hills of north napa and south lake county. heavier showers. rest of bay area looks like rain but we are driving out. it's gloomy at the golden gate. san jose 44 miles per hour,
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significant. half moon bay 51, before the anemometer broke you had 64 mile-per-hour wind gusts, these are not typos in the north bay mountains we had a wind gust of 86 miles per hour and and wind gust of 98 miles per hour. that is why the power is out in so many places. lots of trees and power lines came down. fremont 47, clearing overnight, santa rosa drops to 44 degrees. we dry out, partly cloudy tomorrow 57 mixture of sun and clouds, 60 on 70. big, strong, large of high- pressure poised to move into give sunshine and temperatures mid-to upper 60s next week. its way down here and needs to get here to give us the sunny, warm weather. weather systems go over that ridge including cloud cover the next 48 hours. the first will arrive tomorrow. we make it clearing toward
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gilroy, showers continue on and off throughout the day best chances north of santa rosa. some sunshine during the day saturday and we all get a chance for light rain coming up sunday. futurecast next week, the ridge does arrive and a big pattern change comes. sunny, mild weather moving in. showers possible tomorrow in the north bay, all dry saturday and light rain sunday, drier weather next week. high temperatures tomorrow mainly mid-to upper 50s. dry saturday, widespread light rainfall sunday and the change next week. sunshine and warmer weather is there for martin luther king jr. day through thursday, highs in the 60s with sunshine. a panel of . a new diet plan to help the planet called for a radical change to how we eat.
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it says a diet overhaul will not only improve health, but also save the planet. first: . a panel of scientists calling for a radical change in the way we eat. >> the panel says a diet overhaul will not only improve health but also save the planet. first, strict limits on red meat. right now, americans consume more than six times the recommended amount. cattle, one of the biggest culprits in producing greenhouse gases. when dr. calling for the
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overhaul says it is designed to protect future generations. >> is my goal is to define a pathway whereby we could feed about 10 billion people who won't have -- that inhabit the earth by 2050. >> eat twice as many fruits, nuts, vegetables and legumes. scientists it will be we the sacrifice saving the environment and preventing the 11 million premature deaths each year. coming up we hear from a bay area mother who went into labor at the height of the storm and didn't make it past the parking lot. how is chp sergeant stepped into the role of dr.. >> not sitting down. >> the longtime barbecue joint may be victim of its own success. the neighborhood complaints that could put out of business. a piece of south bay history back in safe hands. unraveling the mystery of what happened to the stolen sign.
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a dramatic delivery during the height of the storm. a pregnant woman makes it to a north bay t no . a dramatic delivery during the height of the storm. a pregnant woman makes it to a northbay hospital parking lot, but no further. >> chp sergeant, not a doctor making this delivery. >> live at marin general hospital with a birthday story the parents will certainly never forget


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